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KARMIC is derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘Karma’, which upholds that one’s intent and actions make a big impact on the future.

We could simply define KARMIC as an integrated agency with 360-degree capabilities, but we won’t. We are anything but traditional, redefining the agency model to be more powerful, fierce and unhindered; we call it Hybrid Communications.

With more than 30 years of industry knowledge under one roof, we are not just another integrated communications agency.

Our goal is to empower YOU with bespoke campaigns that are memorable, impactful and results-oriented.We tell your story, and we’ll do it better than the rest!

We are maestros of the communications industry, ready to conduct your symphony with all the bells and whistles thrown in. Where others see constraints, we see boundless opportunities.


Independent Quality Control Unit

the custodians of optimal service standards, the IQC Unit is an unbiased team of industry professionals who maintain consistency in quality and timeliness. 

Our Business Model

Real-Time Digital Management System

A powerful digital network software packed with fulfilment and monitoring tools, linking project team leaders with clients. The software optimizes even the most mundane of services, such as refined invoicing and payment capabilities.

Karmic In-House Support Teams

 A host of essential Business Units operating in-house to provide fully integrated service streams for our clients. The In-House support teams work in tandem with ICS personnel to deliver the best campaigns and services to our clients.

Independent Communications Specialist Pool (ICS)

An infinite pool of qualified and accredited specialists operating independently as an extension of the agency’s In-House team’s capabilities. The ICS are a group of highly skilled, highly respected maestros of the communications industry.

Support & Industry Tools

A list of in-house support systems, toolkits, software and secretariat services made available to our ICS personnel in line with the duties required to support our clients.


The IQC Unit play an important role in the relevancy, suitability and quality of every ICS personnel carrying the KARMIC business card. This comprehensive checklist accreditation ensures only the best support for our clients.

KARMIC Communication Intro Video

KARMIC Communication Intro Video

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